Teen Bedroom Design

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Teen Interior Design

Eventually every parent faces a teen bedroom design dilemma as kids outgrow their childhood furniture. The transition to a more mature space can be challenging as parents struggle to keep kids from growing up too fast. To make this transition a little easier, we offer these ideas for helping your teenagers discover their own design style and for creating a functional, comfortable space your kids will love.

Considerations for Teen Room Design

Think of your teen’s room like a self-contained studio apartment. Teenagers spend much of their time at home in their room as they work to establish their own identity and place in the world. The layout should take into consideration your child’s need for privacy, usable workspace, socializing with friends, relaxation and organization. A functional desk is critical along with an ergonomic chair and accessories to accommodate long hours of homework at the computer. If space allows, add a sofa or seating area where your teen can read, watch TV or sit and talk with friends. Finally, incorporate as much storage space as possible to help keep your teen organized.

Teenage Girl Room Decor

If nothing else, teenage girls have a lot of stuff. When planning her room, remember to consider her emerging need for a vanity and all the “getting ready” accessories. Hideaway baskets will be her best friend, along with fun and functional lighting. Music is most likely a big part of her life so plan a space for speakers, MP3 player and flat screen TV. If space is limited, look for combination pieces that are multifunctional like a loft bed with desk and dresser underneath. A fun way to let your teen and her friends express themselves is to paint one wall with chalkboard paint and provide a bucket of multi-colored sidewalk chalk. She can draw her own designs and write reminders or inspirational quotes right on the wall!

Bedroom Design for the Teenage Boy

Teenage boys, while probably less interested in “decorating” than their female counterparts, can be tech-obsessed and gadget crazy. Plan to incorporate a gaming system and corresponding seating area big enough for friends to join. Teen boys want a place to hang out that’s comfortable and unfussy so add lots of pillows or even a beanbag or two. If space is tight, consider a sleek metal daybed or convertible sofa to add flexibility to the space. Keep the design casual but reflect his hobbies or interests with accessories, murals or wall art.

Designing rooms for kids of all ages can be challenging but a professional designer can point you in the right direction. When your children are ready for a room makeover, talk with the design professionals at Guild Hall Home Furnishings in Salt Lake City. With a little help and sound advice, you and your children can have fun instead of frustration when tackling teen bedroom design.