What Your Coffee Table Says About You

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Coffee tables come is a variety of shapes, sizes, styles and colors. They range from the mundane and traditional to the outrageous and futuristic. Few pieces of furniture reveal more about your personal style and taste than your coffee table. With it, you are literally putting a part of yourself on display for everyone to see. The right coffee table can inspire discussion or even turn an ordinary space into a work of art.


A sleek black or dark brown finished table suggests that you like things neat, organized and highly functional. Whereas, a wrought iron table with a glass top shows a more fanciful attitude with a hint of vanity and a taste for the finer things in life. Of course, there are exceptions, like driftwood tables with glass tops, which though unappealing to some, definitely have unique beauty, and ruggedness that a nature lover or avid outdoorsmen might appreciate.


Most frequently seen in doctors’ waiting rooms or new-age corporate offices, a case can definitely be made for an acrylic coffee table in the home. Available in every color, or lack thereof, from clear to opaque, this kind of table can add a lightness and modern touch to an otherwise ordinary room. Acrylic tables are also amazingly durable. Just don’t try to pair one with a traditional living room or den setting or in a room with a lot of wood furniture. Leather and earth tone fabrics are the best match for this unique type of table. Acrylic table’s futuristic look is ideal for those who like to deconstruct things or live for the latest gadget bestowed by modern technology.


If you like tradition with a bit of an industrial edge, a wrought iron coffee table with wood top surface will do wonders for your design aesthetic. You may even be able to get an entire living room set in this exact style. Environmentally conscious consumers are likely to enjoy the number of reclaimed wood options available with these tables. Should you elect to go with classic glass; a rounded table top will help soften the appearance of this furnishing. A rectangular design is best suited for those without curious pets or small children, as the sharp edges can really deliver a bite if you accidentally bump into them.


A distressed look in furniture is no longer just for granola-loving vegans or nouveau riche hippies. If you’re the kind of person who likes to stand out from the crowd, investing in this kind of coffee table will allow you to do just that. While recycled wood is the most popular choice, there is no shortage of unique tables made of everything from glass bottles to Cuban cigar boxes. Recycled doors are another choice that is increasingly common as a tabletop. Just be sure to consult with an interior designer beforehand to make sure it doesn’t derail your home’s décor.