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Pet-Friendly Furniture

The Best Furniture Pieces for Pet Owners: Stylish and Durable Picks

Welcome to Guild Hall Furniture & Interior Design’s guide to pet-friendly furniture! As pet owners, we know that our furry friends are a beloved part of the family. However, finding furniture that can withstand their playful antics and still look stylish can be a challenge. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best furniture pieces for pet owners that are both stylish and durable.

1. Pet-Friendly Fabrics

When choosing upholstery for your furniture, opt for pet-friendly fabrics that are easy to clean and resist scratches and stains. Look for materials like leather, microfiber, and outdoor-grade fabrics, which are durable and pet-friendly.

2. Stain-Resistant Surfaces

Invest in furniture with stain-resistant surfaces to protect against spills and accidents. Choose coffee tables and side tables with sealed finishes, and consider adding a protective coating to wood furniture to prevent scratches and water damage.

3. Washable Covers

For pet owners with furry companions who love to lounge on the sofa, consider furniture with washable covers. Slipcovers are a great option for sofas and armchairs, allowing you to easily remove and clean them as needed to keep your furniture looking fresh.

4. Elevated Beds

Provide your pet with their own comfortable space by investing in an elevated pet bed. Elevated beds keep your pet off the floor, reducing the amount of pet hair and dirt that accumulates on your furniture. Look for beds with removable and washable covers for easy cleaning.

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Explore a wide selection of pet-friendly furniture options at Guild Hall Furniture & Interior Design. For more tips on pet care and home decor, follow us on Instagram. Visit our showroom in Salt Lake City to see our pet-friendly furniture in person.

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