Buying Leather Furniture: General Care Tips

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leather furniture care tips

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the key factors and qualities to be thinking about as you purchase any kind of leather furniture. From themes like graining and bonding to dyes, pigments and splits, there are several such elements to be considering closely for any leather piece you’re interested in.

At Guild Hall Home Furnishings, we’re happy to offer a wide range of home furniture options, ranging from bedroom furniture and bathroom furniture to kitchen furniture, accent pieces and more. We’re here to help with all your leather furniture needs, including both selection and long-term care. Within this latter area, here are a few simple concepts to keep in mind for cleaning and caring for leather furniture to help it last for decades.

Quickly Cleaning Spills or Marks

While it’s definitely possible to remove spills or various marks that take place on your leather furniture, it’s key to act quickly. The faster you’re able to remove the substance, the less likely it is to cause any sort of permanent damage or staining.

For water-based spills, start by blotting with a clean, dry cloth. Avoid scrubbing or rubbing the spill too hard, as this can further spread it around and make it more difficult to clean. Once you’ve blotted up as much of the spill as possible, follow with a leather cleaner that’s been specifically designed for use on the type of leather in your furniture.

For oil-based spills, it can be helpful to start with cornstarch or talcum powder. Apply a small amount of either substance to the area and let it sit for about 15 minutes. This will help to absorb some of the oil. Once you’ve let it sit, use a clean dry cloth to brush away the cornstarch or talcum powder before moving on to cleaning with a leather cleaner.

Never Use Abrasive Cleaners

Leather is a sensitive material, and it can be easily scratched or damaged by abrasive cleaners. Avoid using any cleaner that’s too harsh, as this can leave your furniture looking dull and worn. Instead, focus on using mild soaps or gentle leather cleaners.

It’s also important to avoid using cleaning products that contain alcohol, as this can dry out the leather. If you do use any sort of cleaner, be sure to follow up with a leather conditioner to help keep the material hydrated.

Dust Regularly

Another simple way to help keep your leather furniture looking its best is to dust it on a regular basis. Dust can build up over time and dull the appearance of the leather, so it’s important to remove it on a regular basis. A soft cloth or duster can be used for this purpose.

Avoid Too Much Sunlight

While a little bit of exposure to sunlight can actually be beneficial for leather furniture, too much sunlight can cause the material to fade and dry out. If possible, try to keep your furniture out of direct sunlight. If this isn’t possible, consider using window treatments to help filter the light.

For more on how to care for leather furniture in your home, or to learn about any of our fine home furnishings or interior design solutions, speak to our staff at Guild Hall Home Furnishings today.

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