Guide to Buying Outdoor Furniture

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Utah interior designer

Spring is on its way to northern Utah, so now’s a great time to think about buying outdoor furniture.

With the right pieces, your backyard can be both a comfortable sanctuary and an amazing entertainment area. However, creating an outdoor space that accomplishes these goals can be a challenge.

To make the task easier, we have some simple tips from the expert design team at Guild Hall Home Furnishings. Here, we share our best advice on buying outdoor furniture.

Measure Your Outdoor Space

Taking exact measurements of the patio, deck, atrium or courtyard area where you plan to place outdoor furniture is absolutely essential. If you skip this step and eyeball the space instead, you may end up purchasing pieces that don’t really fit.

Consider Furniture Placement

While you’re measuring, use painter’s tape to mark off areas where clearance is required, like around French doors and swing-open deck gates. Give thought to traffic flow, too, as you don’t want your outdoor furniture to make the space feel crowded.

Determine Your Furniture Needs

How many people are in your northern Utah household? Do you frequently host family gatherings or entertain large groups of friends? Figure out how many chairs, chaises loveseats, side tables and outdoor dining sets you need, and shop accordingly.

Look for Quality Outdoor Furniture

When you’re trying to create an eye-catching outdoor space, you may be tempted by the latest trends. But if you don’t buy well-constructed furniture, you could be throwing money down the drain. So, as you shop, consider both appearance and quality.

Make Comfort a Top Priority

You want your outdoor space to be relaxing, and for that, you’ll need comfortable furniture. Try out any chaise, chair or loveseat you’re thinking about purchasing to make sure it’s comfy, and be sure to add plenty of throw pillows.

Seek Out Expert Design Advice

When you’re shopping for outdoor furniture, don’t be afraid to ask the store staff for assistance. Here at Guild Hall Home Furnishings, our professional designers are always happy to offer advice. We’ll let you know what materials best withstand the Utah weather, and we’ll help you find pieces that meet your needs and suit your personal style. We offer products from many of the best furniture designers and manufacturers, including Armen Living, Lee Industries, Woodbridge Furniture and more.

Our expert design team can provide you with personal shopping help in our Utah furniture showroom or a personalized interior design consultation at your home – and we’d love to assist in turning your backyard into a beautiful haven. For more information on our professional design services, or to browse our expansive selection of high-quality outdoor furniture, come visit our Salt Lake City showroom today.