Differentiating Between Living Room Table Choices

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differentiating living room table choices

There are a variety of different home furnishings in several areas that may seem very similar despite different names and details, and a great example is with living room tables. There are several different specific living room table types that might be found in a given home – several of them look similar or even identical to the untrained eye, but they differ in terms of basic qualities and some of the primary areas where they’re often used.

At Guild Hall Home Furnishings, we’re happy to offer a wide range of home furnishings, including accent furniture featuring a wide selection of tables and related items. Let’s spend a little time going over a few of the most common table types you’ll find in these general settings, plus some of the purposes each carries and how to differentiate between them as you’re considering each.

Console Table

The tallest of the common living room tables is known as the console table, one that has a similar height to a dining room table in most cases (usually between 30” and 33”). They are relatively shallow in depth, though there are some models that are less so. They can come with either four legs or, in some cases, three.

Generally speaking, console tables are often found placed against a wall or a similar area. Many display photos or other visual themes above them or on top of them, or they can serve as a bar-top in a dining room area if you choose. They come in several different sizes based on the space you’re looking to fill.

Sofa Table

We mentioned how console tables are often placed up against something: When that “something” is the couch in a given living room, this table becomes a sofa table. Many sofas are complemented perfectly by a small table against their backs, often with a lamp or other décor items placed on top of it.

You want to choose a size here that’s shorter than the back of the sofa by at least an inch – the frame, not the pillows. The width should also be shorter so the sofa extends beyond the table on both sides.

Entry Table

Finally, a type of console table that is often placed in hallways or other entryways in the home is known as the entry table. These are often extremely thin versions of the console table, with narrow features and decorative accents that help introduce guests to the space.


As you’ve likely gathered while reading to this point, these various tables are very similar – they mostly tend to differ based on the purpose they’re used for, which also defines their name. When making your choice, you should focus less on the terminology and more on the dimensions of your space and how to make the right choice based on your needs.

For more on various living room table types, or to learn about any of our home furnishing or interior design services, speak to the staff at Guild Hall Home Furnishings today.