Secondhand Home Furniture Products to Avoid, Part 1

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secondhand home furniture avoid

There are several common purchase areas, even within the realm of home furniture, where buying used or secondhand is often a viable option. Certain products or materials don’t lose much of their value with light use, and might provide all the quality required at a slightly lower cost than brand-new options.

At Guild Hall Home Furnishings, we’re here to tell you that while certain interior design themes or products might be okay on a used basis, many generally are not and should always be purchased new. There are several areas, such as many of our bedroom furniture items, that will not provide you anywhere near the same value if they’re purchased secondhand. This two-part blog series will go over several home furnishings we strongly recommend purchasing brand-new in every case rather than considering used.


One of the highest-value home furnishing items in many homes is the mattress, which also provides major practical value to individuals, couples and even children. We sleep on a mattress every night, meaning they need to be of the quality level to withstand long-term wear-and-tear and pressure placed on them regularly.

Used mattresses, unfortunately, often can’t meet these needs. They may come with broken springs or similar issues, including some you can’t generally see from the surface and won’t find out about until you use the mattress for a while. They also risk dust mites and bed bug infestations. Instead of considering secondhand mattresses, do your research and go with the ideal new option – one that will last you decades if you choose wisely.

Bed Frames

Down similar lines, you’ll often find used bed frames in thrift stores and similar locations. But like mattresses, used frames tend to come with defects, from cracking and bending to simple weakening and even breaking in some rare cases.

Luckily, new bed frames won’t run up your bill too badly. They can generally be found for affordable prices, including options with the hardware to attach a headboard easily.


Many consider using a hand-me-down crib option from a parent or friend for their new baby, but this is a risky practice. Many crib frames and connectors wear down significantly over time, and you do not want to put your baby at even the slightest risk of injury based on a crib malfunction. Invest in a new option that meets all the required safety qualifications.


Electronics like computers and others are part of a world that moves incredibly quickly. Within just a few years, models that are cutting-edge today will be old news, replaced by better options. New models are also outfitted with the latest security updates, programs and warranties, including service warranties in many cases. You risk missing out on all these benefits if you go with used electronics. For more on home furniture items to avoid purchasing used, or to learn about any of our fine furniture selections, speak to the staff at Guild Hall Home Furnishings today.