Avoid These 6 Mistakes When Visiting the Furniture Store

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In theory, furniture store shopping seems pretty straightforward. Browse around, find home furnishings you love and buy them – nothing to it, right?

If only furniture shopping were that easy! In reality, making the right selections is often a challenge. Many people make mistakes when buying furniture, purchasing pieces that don’t suit their living spaces or their lifestyles. To ensure you end up with home furnishings you’ll enjoy for years to come, avoid these buying blunders.

Furniture store shopping tips

No. 1: Forgoing a Focal Point

Every room needs a focal point, a piece that draws the eye and centers the interior design. Without this important element, a room can look unfinished. If you don’t already have a star for the space you’re decorating, find one at the start of your furniture store shopping session.

No. 2: Forgetting About Functionality

When it comes to buying furniture, style often reigns supreme. But function is just as important – the pieces you purchase need to be practical. If, for example, you buy a desk that doesn’t have enough storage space or a dining table that can’t seat your entire family, you’ll probably come to regret the decision.

No. 3: Not Considering Scale

As you browse the furniture store showroom, think about proportion and how the pieces that catch your eye can fit into your living spaces. The size of the room and its intended use – such as sleeping, entertaining or working – should factor into the size of home furnishings you purchase. Ignore scale, and the space may not flow well.

No. 4: Being Too Matchy-Matchy

Buying furniture in a set or purchasing pieces with identical colors and finishes can be a mistake, as going this route could leave your living spaces looking like a furniture store showroom. Instead, look for home furnishings that complement each other.

No. 5: Putting Personality Aside

If you want to enjoy the look of your living spaces, your home furnishings need to offer up a good dose of personality. Rather than copying ideas directly from interior design websites and magazines, find furniture that really allows you to showcase your individual style.

No. 6: Rushing the Process

At the furniture store, interior designers stage the home furnishings to look their best and sell fast. Don’t fall for this pitfall and make impulse purchases based upon the styling of the showroom – take the time to imagine what the furniture will look like and how it will function in your home.

Mistakes happen, but the Guild Hall Home Furnishings team is here to help you avoid furniture buying blunders. Our professional interior designers can steer you along as you shop our furniture store showroom and, if you like, provide personal assistance at your northern Utah home.

With our impressive selection of high-quality furniture and expert help from our friendly staff, you’re sure to find the right pieces to meet your style and lifestyle needs at Guild Hall Home Furnishings. If you’re ready outfit your living spaces, stop by our Salt Lake City furniture store showroom today.