Commercial Office Furniture for Small Business Spaces

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Finding the ideal commercial office furniture can be difficult for any business. But, when you’re dealing with a limited amount of space, the challenge is even greater.

If your workplace is on the small side, you’ll need to maximize the use of the space. These smart commercial office furniture options can help.

Commercial Office Furniture for Small Business Spaces

Compact Office Desks

Since the desk is often the largest piece of furniture in an office, choosing a compact desk is a smart move when you have a small workplace.

Compact office desks are specifically designed to have a small footprint, which helps to make the best use of the available space. A range of stylish options are available, many of which have convenient features like slide-out keyboard trays, storage drawers, built-in shelving and overhead storage. 

Modular Office Furniture

With modular furniture, you can easily rearrange the office to suit your every need – no matter how often those needs may change.

Height-adjustable tables on casters, modular workstations, mobile desks, printer carts and other adaptable office furniture allow you to make the most of your small business space. You and your employees can work alone or, whenever necessary, move the furniture to create a collaborative work area.

Practical Storage Solutions

Storage is essential for any workplace – you need to stash the supplies, papers and clutter somewhere! Fortunately, interior design stores offer plenty of options that can work for small business space.

Tall open shelving units, bookcases, credenzas and storage cabinets will take up little of your precious floor space. Narrow lockers, file organizers and wall-mounted shelves can also help keep your office tidy.

Space-Saving Furniture Systems

A furniture system is a custom-designed workstation, created specifically for a particular business space. If you can’t find the perfect office furniture to meet your needs, a system could be your best bet.

Space-saving furniture systems come in several forms – panel, benching, wall-mounted and desking systems are among your options. Each can be customized and configured to fit and function well within your limited business space.

Investing in the right commercial office furniture can create an attractive and productive workplace. If you need to furnish a small business space, head to Guild Hall Home Furnishings. Our northern Utah interior design store offers a vast range of practical and stylish options for space-challenged offices. 

The Guild Hall professional interior design team can also provide expert help in choosing the perfect business furnishings, working with on in our store and at your office location. And, if you like, we can assist with space planning, color palette selection, custom design and accessory installation. 

For more information on our business interior design services, or to start shopping for space-saving commercial office furniture, visit the Guild Hall Home Furnishings showroom in Salt Lake City today.