Soften Modern Interior Décor with a Bohemian Flair

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Modern Bohemian Interior Design

Photo By: Joshua McHugh

Today’s interior décor trends reflect a growing tolerance of crossovers and style mashups.

This departure from the purist approach of the 20th century is good news for everyone who ascribes to a more eclectic set of design sensibilities. Let’s take a look at one of today’s most popular crossovers, the combination of modernist and bohemian design styles.

The Elements of Modernist Interior Decor

The modern design style of interior décor celebrates clean lines, monochromatic colors and a minimalistic approach.

Arrangements are spare but not sparse, functional and organized but open and spacious. This interior design style uses natural materials and elements with a minimal level of detail or decoration.

In fact, modern décor is frequently referred to as the minimalist style.

Despite this low-key approach, modern design emphasizes functionality and comfort. Leather, metal, recycled and reclaimed materials, solid colors and geometric prints characterize this interior design theme.

The Fun, Funky Bohemian Interior Décor Style

For all that modernist interior design is – or is not – the bohemian style represents its true opposite.

Soft, cozy and approachable, the bohemian décor style celebrates adventure, creativity and an international flair. It’s not a free-for-all though, not by any means. Decorating with this style requires thoughtful curation. Otherwise you can end up with something that’s much more shabby than chic.

Imagine furnishing your home with a world traveler’s precious treasures, collected from every corner of the globe, and you start to understand the heart of this style.

Fusing Modern and Bohemian Interior Décor

Lately, modern furnishings and design have become a little more pliable and amenable to color and contrast. With the door open for flexibility, the bohemian style waltzed right in, in all its colorful, whimsical glory.

The sharp lines of modernist furniture are softened by colorful toss pillows in kitschy, retro designs. Restrained window shades are topped by gauzy sheer fabric panels that blow gently in the breeze. Ethnic touches of woven rugs, wood carvings and beaded, jewel-tone textiles provide a soft, welcoming touch.

For several stunning examples of this design fusion, check out modern designer Jonathan Adler’s Shelter Island, New York, summer home.

In your home or business, you can use either design style as the basis for your furnishings, or mix them up. In Adler’s home, for example, a delightful bathroom features an antique clawfoot tub paired with crisp, white linens, set against a soft, turquoise background.

This interior design fusion is fun and forgiving, so don’t be afraid to impart your personal style into your selection of furnishings, lighting and accessories.

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