Dining Room Furniture Trends to Reboot Your Style

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Dining Room Furniture

Dining room furniture hasn’t changed much over the years, at least until now.

Sure, trends and fads come and go. But if you’ve been in a furniture store in the last decade or so, you’re likely to have seen the same basic styles you’ll see today.

If you’re ready for a style refresher, consider some of the most interesting dining room furniture trends we’ve seen lately.

The Changing Needs of Today’s Families

As much as we might like them back, the days of gathering the family around the formal dining table for dinner each night are gone.

Certainly, most families still share the evening meal together, but it’s a much less formal affair these days. Likewise, the formal dining room is becoming a relic of the past. Open concept floorplans place the dining space within sight and sound of the kitchen and living areas.

The result is a much more integrative, modern way to dine with family and friends. So why not update your dining room furnishings to match this contemporary way of life?

Mix and Match Your Styles with Blended Seating

A perfectly matched set of dining room furniture – typically consisting of a table, chairs and hutch or sideboard – is too stuffy for today’s more relaxed lifestyle.

This doesn’t mean you must abandon your love of fine furnishings. Updating your dining style simply calls for a little creative retooling.

For example, keep a few of your matched chairs out and tuck the rest into storage. Now, add a coordinating bench on one side of the table. This provides more flexible seating than is possible with individual chairs. And, to save space, the bench hides away under the table when not in use.

Now choose a few other chairs that don’t match your set. Have fun with this, perhaps allowing family members to choose their own chair. Keep everything within the same size and scale, and you’ll be amazed how fresh the dining room furniture looks.

Add Fabulous Lighting

Next, add lighting fixtures that will become a focal point in your dining space.

Whether you prefer a single fixture or a series of pendants, a statement lighting piece is not only a great conversation starter, but it’s also the perfect way to update the look and feel of the dining space.

Don’t be afraid to be unconventional in your choice. Mixing diverse décor styles is as acceptable today as wearing white shoes after Labor Day. The juxtaposition of an oversized crystal chandelier over a rustic slab dining table is both fun and funky.

Don’t Be Afraid of Color

Finally, turn your boring dining room furniture upholstery into a bright and fun part of the décor.

Your dining chair pads are the perfect spot to add a pop of color to the room without going overboard. By selecting the same fabric – or sold/print variants of it – to all the seating at the table, you’ll bring the mix-and-match seating back into harmony.

Choose deep, rich jewel tones if you must be conservative with your color. Today, however, professional interior designers are having fun with mid-century modern color palettes as well as energetic neon tones that evoke the light-hearted sense of the 1980s.

However you prefer to decorate your dining space, Guild Hall Fine Furnishings in Salt Lake City has all of the styles and high quality furnishings you love. Our showroom is staffed by interior design professionals who are here to help you select all the furniture, accessories and lighting you need to complete your home or office.

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