Space-Saving Furniture Solutions for Kids and Teens

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Space-Saving Furniture

If your idea of space-saving furniture is merely a set of bunk beds, you are in for a pleasant surprise. Today’s furniture designers are turning out creative and fun space-conscious solutions from high-quality materials made for style and durability. Whether your kids share a room or you simply want to take advantage of some unused space, try some of these creative ideas.

Fresh Ideas for Kids’ Beds

Not long ago, bunk beds were the only choice parents had for maximizing a tight fit. Today, space-saving furniture designers are still going vertical, but in dozens of creative ways that don’t require kids to sleep in a stack. Loft beds are the big thing. Configured as a cube, one design features a twin bed and desk on top (accessed via steps) with a walk-in closet and dresser below. Murphy-style beds remain one of the most practical ways of maximizing space, but they are also a method for creating a sleek, contemporary feel that kids love. Strange as it might sound, rolling beds are also a thing now. One creative design allows two beds on wheels to nest together when not in use. Think high-end, rolling trundle bed and you have the idea.

Creative Teen Storage Solutions

Flexible storage walls are very much on trend today for kids and teens. Complete with cabinets, cubbyholes, bins and shelves, these component systems can be configured in a seemingly infinite number of ways. Many also offer drop-down desktops for even greater space-conscious capacity. The other go-to storage trend today involves wheels. Designers are putting cabinets, dressers and bookshelves on casters. Not only are these fun and funky rolling storage solutions convenient, they can also be used to create room dividers and privacy screens, or moved to another room as needed.

Desks and Seating Options

One of the most challenging aspects of furnishing a cramped kids’ room is finding a way to provide space for homework and hanging out. Back to the Murphy bed approach, designers are finding ways to fold away desks, benches and even entire tables. Nesting designs are very popular here too. Find a storage cabinet that will roll under the desk when not in use. Modular is also in demand for seating and workstation solutions. Giving kids the ability to reconfigure their space means not replacing furniture as often. It also keeps things fresh and fun from an aesthetic perspective.

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