New Uses for Old Furniture

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Old Furniture

When it’s time for a change, finding new uses for old furniture can be fun, as well as good for the planet. Discarded furniture takes up precious landfill space, and depending on the materials used in the manufacturing process, it may even emit harmful chemicals. Repurpose your old furniture in creative new ways, or give it an upcycled facelift. If you really don’t want to keep your old furniture, consider alternatives to throwing it in the dumpster. Read on for some fun and creative suggestions.

Using Old Furniture in New Ways

Imagine new uses for your old furnishings to give them another life. Old dressers make great workbenches and storage chests for the basement or garage. Paint old bookcases, add baskets or organizers and use them in your craft room to sort and store your supplies. Low bookcases make great console tables for a foyer or entryway. Paint old drawer fronts, add unique knobs or pulls and arrange the drawers on the bookshelves for storing your family’s gloves and hats. Give old nightstands a coat of bright paint and use them for tables and storage on a porch or patio.

Recycling and Upcycling Furniture

Search for upcycling on Pinterest or other idea boards and you’ll find thousands of creative ideas. Upcycling is a lot like recycling but with a little added bling. Upcycle an old end table by adding an application gold or silver leaf. Upcycle an old headboard by adding chalkboard paint and hanging it in the kids’ playroom. Add magnetic or white-board paint to old bookshelves and use them for message boards in your home office. A popular upcycling project involves covering dressers, bookcases and desks with sheet music or pages from a favorite book. Use spray mount adhesive to attach the sheets and finish with a coat of Mod Podge. This is also a fun way to update your child’s baby furniture until it’s time to move up.

If You Really Don’t Want to Keep Your Old Furniture

If you have neither a place to use your old furnishings nor time to give them a makeover, resist the urge to send them away with the bulk trash. One option is to donate them to Goodwill or another community assistance agency. Big Brothers/Big Sisters and other charitable organizations may even pick up your items for you. Consign them at a local store or advertise them on your neighborhood bulletin board. Have a neighborhood yard sale or send them to auction. Most auction houses will accept your unwanted items on consignment. Some will even transport your items and send you a check after the sale. As a last resort, offer your items “free to a good home” on Craigslist.

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