Interior Design Services for Sandy Homeowners

Whether you have just bought your home in Sandy or you have been living there many years, now is just the right time to get professional interior design services. Your home is your largest possession it is the budget item where most of your money goes and the place your family spends most of its time. Shouldn’t it be the best it can be? 

Guild Hall of Salt Lake City provides the best in interior design services for homeowners in Sandy, Utah. 

Home Design Services

When our team meets with you to discuss specifics relative to your home’s design, there are many factors to consider. Professional design consultants are trained to see a space differently than a layman, and we bring this expertise to your home’s interiors.  

That’s not to say, however, that we impose our ideas and tastes upon you. Rather, we work to help you achieve the look you have in mind for your home. 

In providing interior design services, we meet with you in your Sandy home so we can experience the space in person. At this time, we also talk to you about your taste and style. Do you love country cottage? Are you a fan of shabby chic? Once we understand where your loyalties lie, we can create a foundation for your home design plan. 

During our meeting, we also go over important aspects of home design such as color palettes, fabrics, materials and use of space.  

High-End Furniture

Many of our clients in Sandy are interested in the high-end furniture we source and feature in our Salt Lake City showroom. A significant component of high-end furniture is superior craftsmanship. The furniture is built and assembled by hand, perhaps using mortise and tenon or dovetail joints. It’s also made out of real wood — an element that is becoming increasingly rare in the furniture world. 

Real wood furniture made by expert craftsmen is heavier and more resistant to wear or damage than bargain furniture. It’s both beautiful and durable, and is considered suitable to hand down from generation to generation. 

Luxury furniture embodies all these features as well. However, luxury furniture may feature sandalwood or bocote wood, while high-end furniture may be made of cherry, oak or walnut. Luxury furniture may also feature leather, velvet, silk or even fur, while high-end furniture may be made with linen or jacquard. 

For clients on a budget, we also carry quality furniture with features that are more practical than they are extravagant. 

The Little Things Count

At Guild Hall, our professional design team knows that it’s the accessories that really pull a room together and make it pop. We source accessories to match your style, taste and color palette, and we also help select and hang art on your walls. 

Our goal is to provide the quality interior design services our customers in Sandy appreciate, so that every time they unlock the front door and enter their home, they feel happy, relaxed and rejuvenated. Contact Guild Hall to book your home design services consultation today. 

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