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Heavily populated, replete with cultural attractions and home to some of the best scenery imaginable, Salt Lake City is truly a world-class city, so shouldn’t you have world-class décor to match? Guild Hall, Salt Lake City’s top store for luxury and high-end furniture, is a leading provider of interior design services to homeowners in and around our capital city. 

Professional Designers

Everyone has their preferences and tastes for decorating, and our interior designers believe that these should be honored. The last thing we — or anyone — wants is for everyone’s home to look the same. When we meet with you, we discuss your style, including your choices for color palettes, textures, fabrics and more. What professional designers bring to your space is an eye for the best way for your preferences to be expressed tastefully. Our years of education and experience in this area allow us to transform your home into a truly stunning space. 

And “space” is the keyword. One important principal of interior design is how space is used. We consider the shape of the room, height of the ceilings, window and door locations, focal points and more when we begin to imagine the best use of your space. Overcrowding shows lack of insight and an undeveloped ability to distinguish between just enough and too much. 

High-End Furniture

While paint, rugs and drapes play critical roles in every room, furniture has a starring role. One reason is for its sheer size, but also because you make use of your furniture every day. For that reason, it’s important to choose pieces you love.  

Here at Guild Hall, we stock high-end and luxury furniture pieces. These pieces are carefully constructed of real wood, with dovetail or mortise and tenon joints. The materials used to make a piece of furniture and the care and skill with which it is constructed are what help to qualify it as luxury furniture. Think sandalwood, leather or damask. 

Additionally, we also carry quality furniture that is moderately priced, to serve the needs of those on a budget. 

Best Interior Design Services

When you want top interior design services that accurately reflect your style, you want to work with the professionals at Guild Hall. We have helped thousands of customers over the years create modern, inviting spaces in their homes.  

You can hire us to redecorate your entire home or just a select few rooms. We also offer assistance in selecting and installing accessories, including artwork. We can hang luxurious drapes, install art — including sculptures — with the correct accompanying lighting, add mirrors, wall sconces and so much more. These are the kinds of details that transform a space from nice to dazzling. 

Trust our skills and years of experience providing home design services to clients in Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas. We love working with clients’ individual styles, helping them to sharpen their focus and bring elegance and sophistication to their space. Contact us today to set up an in-home consultation for interior design services in Salt Lake City. 

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