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Park City residents often have beautiful, palatial homes worthy of the best when it comes to interior design services. And that’s what Guild Hall offers — home design services that show off a homeowner’s exquisite tastes and the time and care they put into their living space. 

Home Design — Park City-Style

Many Park City homes have special architectural features such as grand entranceways, cathedral ceilings and soaring windows. Professional home design services can help make the most of these features, using furniture and accessories to pull your home’s look together.  

You want your home to be as individual as the people who live in it — choose our design team to help you create a one-of-a-kind look. When we work with new clients, we schedule an in-home consultation so we can get a feel not only for your home, but also for your distinctive style. We talk to you about color, fabric, texture, accessories and more.  

Luxury Furniture

The importance of furniture in a room’s overall look cannot be overstated. Because the pieces of furniture you choose are usually the largest objects in the room, they will set the tone and pull the eye. At Guild Hall, we recommend high-end furniture to many of our Park City clients.  

Made of genuine wood, high-end furniture is carefully crafted by skilled artisans. Luxury furniture is heavier and more durable, meaning your pieces of furniture could become family heirlooms. When you think of luxury furniture, you may think of mahogany, marble, velvet and leather, but this is only the beginning. The materials used to make high-end furniture are important, but equally important is the skill of the craftsperson creating the piece. Luxury furniture brings out the beauty of your home’s architecture and helps to create a truly stunning space. 

We know, however, that some Park City homes are older and more modest, and for clients who live in these types of homes, we offer many budget-friendly quality selections. 

Interior Design Services by Guild Hall

When you choose a provider of interior design services for your Park City Home, they should be able to create a design that reflects your tastes. Guild Hall has been in the furniture and design business for decades, and we are known for our tasteful style, attention to detail and love of well-made items. Our clients have similar values, prizing form, function and fashion.  

Park City homeowners can hire the professional home design services team at Guild Hall for whole-home design, one or several rooms, or a certain aspect of home design, such as accessorizing or hanging artwork. You may have already carefully curated your furniture collection, and now that you have come to Park City, you may need help integrating it into your new home. Some carefully chosen accessories, including sculptures, wall hangings and other upscale home décor items can do wonders for the process. 

If you are interested in learning more about what Guild Hall’s interior design services can do for your Park City home, contact us today to schedule an in-home consultation. 

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