5 Ways a Local Furniture Store Beats Online Shopping

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Local Furniture Store

Shopping at a local furniture store supports your community and the local economy, and it also benefits you in several important ways.

Online shopping can be convenient, and you may find home furnishings and decorative accessories that aren’t available at Northern Utah brick-and-mortar establishments. But, despite these potential advantages, buying home décor online comes with several downsides. 

Here are five compelling reasons why shopping at your local furniture showroom is better than shopping online.

No. 1: Shopping Locally Lets You Try Before You Buy

Buying furniture online can be fraught with peril. 

Imagine sinking thousands of dollars into a large sectional sofa, only to find that it isn’t all that comfortable, or that the color doesn’t look at all like it did on your computer monitor. Why take that chance? Shop locally, and you’ll be able to see, touch and try out all the furniture before you make a purchase.

No. 2: Online Reviews Can Be Misleading

You can’t trust everything you read online – and that includes furniture reviews. 

Other customers might not be accurate in their product descriptions, or they may not share the same quality standards that you maintain. And in many cases, the online reviews themselves may not be written by actual customers (or even real people). Shop at your local brick-and-mortar furniture store, and you can form your own opinions and find home furnishings that meet your quality specifications.

No. 3: Shipping Furniture is Expensive

When you shop locally, you can always opt to take the items home yourself to avoid a delivery charge. If not, the furniture store might charge a nominal delivery fee, but that’s like to be minor when compared to what you pay for shipping when you shop online. If you don’t want to shell out hundreds of dollars (or more) for shipping, avoid buying heavy home furnishings online.

No. 4: Local Furniture Stores Offer Custom Home Furnishings

But what if you see the perfect piece online and can’t find similar furniture locally? 

You might be surprised what you can find locally. Many brick-and-mortar stores – including Guild Hall Home Furnishings – offer custom furniture design service. Name the features you want, and a customized piece can be created to meet your needs. 

No. 5: Many Local Furniture Stores Offer Interior Design Services

Furniture store shopping can be a challenge, whether you’re browsing online or locally. Finding just the right home furnishings to suit your style and achieve your interior design goals isn’t always easy on your own. But, if you decide to shop at a local store, you won’t have to make all the decisions alone. Interior design help is available – all you have to do is ask, and you’ll have a home décor expert at your side.

If you live in Northern Utah, make Guild Hall Furniture Store in Salt Lake City your first stop for fine furniture, decorative accessories, area rugs and custom window coverings. Our local furniture showroom has a vast range of unique and stylish pieces for every room in your home.

If you need help selecting your home décor, our friendly interior design staff is here to offer expert advice. When you’re ready to start shopping, visit Salt Lake City’s premiere local furniture store — Guild Hall Home Furnishings.

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