Creating a Temporary Work-From-Home Office

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Working from Home office

With the recent outbreak of COVID-19 around the world and efforts to contain its spread through physical distancing, many who are able have been moving from in-office work to work-from-home situations. This allows many occupations to continue in most of the same ways without furthering spread risks, and has been enormously valuable to many individuals and companies.

Located in Salt Lake City, Guild Hall Furniture & Interior Design, we’re here to help those making this conversion with a wide variety of office furniture products to meet your every need. Not only do we offer a huge range of such products to help you arrange your new setup, we also provide interior design expertise to help you put everything together. Let’s go over some basic tips we can offer on setting up your new temporary home office during this unique period.

creating temporary work-from-home office

Locate the Space

The first step here, especially if you’ve never really had an office setup in your home before, is locating the ideal space for one. This will depend on the available space in your home – some choose a quiet bedroom corner if there isn’t another room available, but if you have a spare room or even a finished basement, these might be good options.

If possible, look for an area where you can at least somewhat cut yourself off from other areas of daily life. If it’s possible to steer clear of noise or common movement pathways, this will help you stay productive and on-task.

Selecting and Aligning Pieces

Once you’ve located your ideal spot, it’s time to get to work finding the proper pieces for the room. This will obviously depend on which items you may already have present in the home and which need to be ordered. A few areas to consider here:

  • Desk or table: Whether you require a small writing desk or a larger space for a laptop and other devices, this is one of the central pieces. Many may also consider ergonomic options here, such as sit-stand desks.
  • Second screens: In many cases, those who use laptops also utilize a second monitor.
  • Chairs: You’ll be spending plenty of time sitting down during work hours, so take the time to find a high-quality chair that will be comfortable and provide support.
  • Rugs and décor: You also want the office to be a comfortable, relaxing place to be, which means infusing design elements like rugs and other kinds of décor in intelligent ways.

Light Considerations

One area that deserves special consideration: Lighting, which some fail to account for when setting up a home office. Not only should you have proper desk lighting available in the form of overhead lights and possibly lamps, you should also ensure the room you choose has at least one window and will take in natural light during the day. This theme will improve both productivity and general mood during work hours.

Other Factors

A few other areas to consider:

  • Phone: If you are on the phone often for business, we highly recommend setting up a dedicated office line that’s separate from your home line. Modern technology offers several easy ways to do this.
  • Other gadgets: Unless you use your smartphone and other gadgets for specific work purposes, we recommend keeping them out-of-sight and on silent so they don’t waste productivity.
  • Breaks and time: It can be easy to get too wrapped up in work and not take proper breaks for mental health – this is often a concern if you don’t know what time it is, so ensure at least one clock is visible in the office.

For more on setting up your new work-from-home office, or to learn about any of our home furniture or interior design services, speak to the staff at Guild Hall Home Furnishings today.

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