3 Reasons You Need Custom Window Coverings Right Now

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3 Reasons

Custom window coverings – including shades, blinds, drapes and shutters – are the perfect addition to your home’s interior décor. And they provide countless benefits that you won’t find in stock window treatment options.

If you’re looking for a quick, simple and surprisingly affordable way to give your home or business a makeover, consider

Custom Window Treatments Help Create Professional-Quality Interior Design

You’ve worked hard to design a home that reflects your personal taste and lifestyle. With fine furnishings, decorator accessories and carefully curated lighting, you’ve created an interior designer-inspired environment.

Why would you diminish your investment by hanging stock window coverings? The designer touch provided by custom window treatments will pull your décor together in a way that few other interior finishes can.

Custom Blinds, Drapes & Shutters Enhance Your Home’s Value

When you sell a home, attached items like window coverings typically stay with the property. When you have custom blinds, shutters, shades and drapes, it increases your home’s curb appeal from the outside and transforms the interior spaces in ways that stock treatments can’t.

If you have plans to sell your home in the next few years, you may not only improve the salability of the house but enhance the property’s value as well. When your agent can include verbiage like “this home features custom window coverings throughout,” you’ll definitely attract the attention of discerning buyers.

Custom Window Coverings Are Surprisingly Affordable

If you’ve been shopping for shades, shutters, blinds or curtains recently, you know that you can spend a little or a lot, depending on what you want. You also know that, in most cases, you have to compromise in one way or another if you want to buy ready-made window treatments.

You’re limited to stock sizes, fabrics, accessories and styles. You may be able to come close to what you envision. However, if you have any hope of finding exactly the look you want in the size you need, you could spend days – or weeks – searching online and pounding the pavement.

When you choose custom window treatments, you can choose the specific style, color and size you need for each room. In most cases, the cost rivals that of stock products but without the time, heartache and compromise. This is especially true when you trust the professionals at Guild Hall Home Furnishings to assist you.

Guild Hall is northern Utah’s leader in home furnishings, home décor and interior design. Stop by our expansive showroom today to talk with one of our professional interior design staff about adding custom window coverings at your home or business.

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