The Perfect Custom Window Coverings in 3 Easy Steps

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With all the custom window coverings available today, selecting the perfect shades, blinds, curtains and draperies for your living spaces can quickly become confusing and overwhelming.

The Perfect Custom Window Coverings in 3 Easy Steps

To help narrow down your choices, the interior design experts at Guild Hall Home Furnishings have some pro tips for transforming your living spaces with the perfect custom window coverings.

Step 1: Measure Your Windows

The first step in designing custom window coverings is to measure. Draperies and blinds must be mounted correctly to have the right design impact – and that requires careful measurement.

When measuring the width of your windows for draperies, think about how full you would like the fabric to appear. If you want a flowy, draped look, you’ll want coverings that are three times as wide as the windows. If you prefer a neat and tailored style, opt for custom curtains or shades that are two inches wider than your windows.

As for height, start your measurement where the rod or mounting hardware will hang – and don’t forget to account for the space taken by the rings or hanging hardware. For short coverings, measure height down to the top of the window sills. Otherwise, measure down to the floor, adding a few inches if you’d like your window coverings to pool at the bottom.

Step 2: Choose a Fabric

Fabric selection is the next step in designing window coverings. When deciding on a fabric, consider the function you need your custom curtains or shades to provide.

If you want sunny living spaces, look for lightweight fabrics – sheer linen or cotton can create an airy, casual feel. If you prefer a more formal interior design to your living spaces, or you want to block out light and keep your windows insulated, consider thick-woven, lined fabrics instead. 

Step 3: Think About Style & Pattern

Once you’ve measured and decided on a fabric, you’re ready to select a style and pattern that complements your home décor.

You could go bold, making a statement by choosing colorful, patterned window coverings. Or, you might want to select solid-colored custom shades or draperies, using one of the hues from your interior design color palette. Bear in mind that neutral patterns and colors can add subtle style to your living spaces and transition easily if you redecorate in the future. 

If you’re still feeling overwhelmed by all the options available to you, visit Guild Hall Home Furnishings in Northern Utah. Whether you want to add more color, filter the sunlight or create privacy, our expert interior designers can help you design the ideal custom window coverings to suit your living spaces.

The Guild Hall Furniture store in Salt Lake city,UT interior design staff can also offer advice on the rest your home décor. From area rugs and decorative accessories to furniture and fine furnishings, we’ve got it all – and we’d love to help you shop. 

For design inspiration, or to get expert help designing your perfect custom window coverings, visit our Salt Lake City showroom today. 

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