Commercial Office Furniture Buyer’s Guide

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Choosing the ideal commercial office furniture is no easy task, especially if it’s your first time furnishing a business. The interior environment you create must encourage employee productivity and efficiency, yet also be inviting for clients. 

Commercial Office Furniture Buyer’s Guide

To give your business the best start, with a look that’s both professional and practical, our commercial interior design team has put together these tips for selecting your office furniture.

Consider Your Commercial Office Furniture Requirements

How many desks and ergonomic chairs does your business need? Will you need both individual workstations and collaborative business furniture? What about reception area and break room furniture? Determine your exact requirements before you start shopping for office furnishings. Otherwise, you might quickly become overwhelmed or make selections that ultimately do not work for your space.

Evaluate Your Commercial Office Size and Space

Be careful not to overcrowd your office with bulky furniture – your employees and clients need to be able to move freely throughout the space. When shopping for commercial office furniture, make sure you’re armed with accurate measurements of the rooms and hallways. And don’t forget to account for structural features, like doorways, pillars and built-in constructions. Pro tip: professional space planning is one of the best ways to ensure you select office furniture that works for you.

Design for Maximum Functionality in Your Office Furniture

When making your business furniture selections, think about the functions you need the pieces to perform. For instance, you might need office desks that adjust in height or workstations with plenty of file storage. The right furniture will provide the functionality and flexibility that you and your team require. 

Incorporate Office Aesthetics and Branding

Your staff and clients will appreciate business furniture that brings aesthetic beauty and a professional look to your commercial space. It’s also important to choose furnishings that reflect the identity of your company. As you’re shopping, make sure to keep both of these concepts in mind.

Stick to Your Commercial Office Furniture Budget 

Last but certainly not least, you’ll need to determine your business furniture budget. Knowing how much of an investment you want to make will help you narrow down your choices and allow you to make budget-friendly choices for your commercial space. As you’re making your financial plan, remember that you may not need to purchase everything at once; many customers purchase their business furnishings in stages.

When you’re ready to furnish your Utah business, head to Guild Hall Home Furnishings. Our interior design store offers an expansive range of office furniture, including executive desks, task chairs, conference tables, modular workstations, lighting solutions and reception area furnishings.

In addition, the Guild Hall professional interior design team can provide expert assistance in choosing your business furnishings. We can work with you in our showroom or at your office location, helping you with everything from space planning and color palettes to furniture selection, custom design and accessory installation.

For more details on our professional interior design services, or to get started shopping for your commercial office furniture, visit the Guild Hall Home Furnishings showroom in Salt Lake City today.

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