Can an Interior Designer Save You Money?

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Working with a professional interior designer is the best way to bring your aesthetic vision to life. But did you know it’s also a great way to stretch your home furnishings budget?

can an interior designer save you money

Today, interior design professionals are accessible to anyone and their services are often more affordable than you might think. Fees can vary, of course, but designers based at local fine furnishings stores frequently provide discounted or free artistic and technical advice to customers who make a purchase.

The idea of working with an interior designer might seem like a luxury but, because design professional can save you time, money and heartache, it’s actually a financially savvy choice.

Save Time Solving Your Design Dilemmas

Who doesn’t have at least one or two interior design dilemmas? 

Whether yours involves an oddly-shaped room, an awkward doorway or a expansive, empty wall, figuring out a solution on your own can be difficult and time-consuming – if not next to impossible.

Work with an interior designer, and you won’t have to spend valuable time trying to solve your design dilemmas. Interior design professionals have the expertise to come up with an expert fix for anything that’s bugging you about your home.

Know When to Spend and When to Save

With some fine furnishings, spending more can save you in the long term. Ask anyone who has purchased a discount sofa, only to need a replacement within a year or two. 

Interior design professionals can offer expert advice regarding when to spend on fine furnishings and when to save, enabling you to get the most out of your home décor investment.

Steer Clear of Costly Mistakes

When you invest in home furnishings, you want to make wise financial investments. Make the wrong choice, and you might end up living with pieces that you regret buying, simply because you invested so heavily in them.

An interior designer can steer you toward fine furnishings that will stand the test of time and help you avoid the heartache of investing in costly fads that quickly fade in appeal – and value. Working with interior design professionals, you can trust that your home décor dollars will be well-spent. 

If you haven’t experienced the many benefits of working with an interior designer, stop in and meet the team of interior design professionals at Guild Hall Home Furnishings. Our expert design team can help update your home décor to match your individual style, personality, lifestyle and budget.

Let the experts at Guild Hall Home Furnishings help plan your interior design, and your home décor dreams can easily become a reality. To get started, come browse the fine furnishings in our Salt Lake City showroom and meet with our interior designer staff today.

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