Home Décor Storage Solutions for Every Room

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Expressing your style with your home décor doesn’t have to mean sacrificing storage space.

Plenty of stylish and functional home furnishings are available today, and you can find storage solutions to enhance your design style – whatever it may be.

storage solutions

Entryway Storage

Is your entryway cluttered with coats, shoes, purses, backpacks and other everyday accessories? Control the chaos with a few well-chosen additions to your home décor.

A coat rack with built-in cubbies, shelves or drawers can keep all of your family’s belongings organized. Or, consider a bench with a lift-top seat as a spot for everyone to take off and stash their shoes.

If your entryway opens directly into your living room, you can help define the space and boost your storage space by adding a bookcase.

Living Room Storage

Since families hang out and relax in the living room, the space can be a magnet for clutter. Double-duty furnishings can be the perfect solution for a neater home décor look.

An ottoman or coffee table with built-in storage works well for extra blankets, board games, toys and any other supplies you need to have close at hand. To keep media components like remotes and video game controllers nearby but out of sight, choose a TV wall unit with shelves, drawers or baskets.

Dining Room Storage

The dining room may not attract as much clutter as the other rooms, but most families still need storage space for linens, silverware and china.

China cabinets, sideboards, buffets and curios are popular home décor choices. Many options boast features like felt-lined drawers and lighted display shelves. If you lack the space for extra furniture, select a dining table with storage built into the base.

Kitchen Storage

Kitchens don’t always have enough cabinet space to hold cookware, dishes and pantry items. And, storing these items in another room may not be a practical option.

A kitchen island offers an extra food prep and casual dining area, while also providing cabinets and drawers for storage. If room space is tight, look for a rolling island that can be easily moved when not in use. A pot rack and wall shelves can also help keep your kitchen in good order.

Bedroom Storage

Even if you lack closet space in the bedroom, there’s still hope for keeping your clothes organized.

Dressers and chests of drawers can hold folded clothing, and an armoire works well for hanging items. If you can’t accommodate more furniture in your bedroom, or if you need more space for your clothes, choose a bed platform with built-in drawers.

If you need assistance with selecting creative storage options for your home, the professional interior design staff at Guild Hall Home Furnishings can help. Visit our Salt Lake City, Utah, showroom today to explore our curated home décor options.