3 Easy Interior Design Tricks with Maximum Impact

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Would you like a fresh interior design boost without the usual time, effort and hassle of a full remodel?

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Some of the simplest interior design tricks pack a big punch. And they’re so easy that you can give any space a pick-me-up in just a day or two. Lest you think these innocuous little tips won’t transform your home or office in a major way, we dare you to give it a try!

Kick Up the Visual Interest with a Fresh Pop of Color

Color can completely change the character and feeling in a room, even when used sparingly.

Choosing a bold, primary color or saturated pastel (think cotton candy pink) can brighten and re-energize the space. Paint all four walls for balance or just one wall to create a new focal point for the room. Apply a contrasting shade of paint on the trim to create a subtle definition and a hint of formality.

If painting the walls isn’t an option right now, you can add a creative pop of color in other, less permanent ways. You could, for example, paint the inside of a bookcase or the top of a table in one of the hot, retro colors of the day: turquoise, tangerine or lime.

Anchor the Space with a Bold Area Rug

Just like a fresh coat of paint can revitalize a room, a bold area rug makes a statement of fresh style. Whether you have hardwood floors, ceramic tile or wall-to-wall carpeting, adding a new area rug can give your living space definition, texture and personality.

A seemingly endless variety of patterns, designs and fabrics are available. Select one large area rug to anchor the room and give it an instant, stylish update. This year, shades of mushroom are the hottest colors for larger rugs. Or, for a casual, playful feel, add several throw rugs in the same bold color family, but with contrasting textures.

If you’re feeling extra saucy, layer two large rugs of contrasting patterns or textures – the latest in chic bohemian interior design!

Transform a Room with Lighting and Mirrors

With the right lighting, the mood of a room can instantly change.

Interior designers tell us that living spaces should include three essential types of lighting. Use ambient or overhead lights for general illumination. Task lighting allow for focus on reading or other activities. And accent lighting, such as sconces or built-in LED lights, adds visual interest to your interior design.

Thoughtfully chosen floor lamps, table lamps and wall- or celling-mounted lighting fixtures can have a big impact. A fun interior design trend popping up in model homes uses colored LED lights hidden in ceiling coffers or behind large furnishings. This creates an ambient sense of energy and life without overwhelming your space.

To add both light and dimension, mirrors are another fun interior design tool. Place mirrors across from windows to intensify the light in a room and open up the space. Use a collection of small, decorative mirrors in place of traditional artwork for an interesting interior design feature that makes a small room feel larger.

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