Interior Design Trends: An Update on the Industrial Style

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Industrial Interior Design

Interior design trends seem to come and go with the seasons, but some endure over time. But even the most enduring trends require a fresh eye today, otherwise they can become clichéd.

The industrial design trend has exploded in popularity over the past few years, as more homeowners embrace urban living. Characterized by exposed brick, concrete and raw metals, this décor style is edgy as well as contemporary.

Still, even a trend this hot requires a little softening and a bit of reimagining, especially for those who prefer to incorporate a few industrial elements into their existing design.

The Hallmarks of the Classic Industrial Style

True industrial design is characterized by sleek elegance and high quality materials.

What might otherwise appear rough and uncivilized takes on an aura of refinement through the addition of fine art and accessories with clean lines. Don’t confuse industrial with rustic; in fact, it’s anything but.

An outgrowth of the Art Deco era, industrial design is characterized by the harmonious mix of metals and natural elements such as wood and leather, using neutral tones as a basis of the color palette.

Today’s Warmer, Friendlier Take on Industrial Décor

The most common complaint about industrial décor is that it can appear cold, uncomfortable or unwelcoming. Designers have stepped up to address these challenges.

By bringing nature into the mix, you can create a fascinating counterpoint to soften the sharp edges of industrial design. Try adding a woven rug or large statement pillows covered with horse or cow hide (hair-on of course). Large-scale animal photographs or a barn wood paneling accent wall create striking visual interest.

One of the most popular industrial modifications is the addition of vintage or reproduction mid-century modern furnishings. An Eames-inspired wood and leather lounger and ottoman or a Bauhaus Wassily chair, for example, will help create a truly designer-inspired feel.

Adding an Industrial Touch to a Suburban Abode

You don’t need to live in a downtown loft to embrace the industrial design ethos. In fact, you can give your interior décor a quick burst of excitement by simply adding a few pieces to your existing collection.

Add touches of gray and natural metals. This might involve little more than painting an accent wall or adding a media center with stainless steel accents. Or pair a natural wood dining table with metal chairs.

Choose wall accents with an edgier feel. Reflective polished globes and mirrors with metal frames add an edge without overwhelming your space. If stainless steel feels too stark for your taste, consider copper accents to warm up the room.

Finally, if you feel that your new furnishings and accessories are a bit overwhelming for your taste, add subtle accents of natural wood and sleek textiles to restore harmony.

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