Office Furniture Makeovers for the New Year

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New Office Furniture

An office furniture makeover is just the thing to get your New Year off to the right start.

A new year is all about new beginnings, so why not give your office a new look? After all, you spend a lot of precious time there. Your office should be a place that makes you feel comfortable and productive.

The good news is that you don’t have to throw everything out and start all over. You can simply take a few steps to spruce up what you’ve already got while adding a few new pieces.

Check out the ways you can give your office furniture a makeover in the New Year and enjoy a fresh start for 2016!

Pile on the Accents

You’d be amazed what a few throw pillows and designer accessories can do to breathe new life into your office. Since you spend so much time there, it only makes sense to make it feel more like home. Home décor items are the perfect way to personalize your business space.

For example, get rid of that harsh overhead lighting and opt for a new floor or table lamp. You can also add some bright and comfy pillows for your office chairs or loveseat.

These touches give a nod to residential styling, which helps you and the people you invite into your office relax and feel right at home.

Take a Stand

Sitting at your desk for a majority of your day is not only uncomfortable, it’s unhealthy for you. Sitting for long periods increases your risk of developing chronic health problems like diabetes or heart disease, which is why the standing desk has become popular with today’s savvy entrepreneurs and business owners.

You will think better on your feet and improve your health by incorporating ways to escape the desk chair. You can choose from a variety of options designed to fit seamlessly into your office décor. If you can’t find a standing desk you like, choose your favorite desk and customize it to fit your needs. Or, order a custom design from our many fine business furniture lines.

Pull the Room Together

Rugs can do wonders for an office space as well as your mental health.

When you add floor accents like fine rugs to your space, you instantly add style, warmth and comfort. A well-made rug will bring a level of elegance to your office décor that will delight and amaze you.

Choose a rug that helps define the space by tying in to subtle accent colors. Or, for a surprise pop of energy, incorporate fresh and exciting colors in the rug and highlight those with creative accessories and toss pillows.

Change Things Up

A sure-fire way to freshen up any office space is to simply rearrange the furniture!

This can open up the space in your office to make it more inviting and collaborative, while at the same time giving you a change of perspective. When the physical environment is open, it allows for a more comfortable working environment, too.

If you need ideas on how to ring in the New Year with your office space, contact Utah’s Guild Hall Fine Furnishings in Salt Lake City. Our professional design staff can help with space planning to enhance your facility’s best features. Contact us today and let us help you select the perfect office furniture for your New Year’s makeover.