Lighting Treatments to Brighten Up the Home Office

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Home Office Lighting

In your home office, the right lighting treatments can mean the difference between comfort and frustration.

The space is more than just a place to work — it’s a room you should be able to relax in, too. Lighting treatments help to create not only a productive but also a calming environment.

That’s right, something as simple as lighting treatments can make you feel like you’re on stage at the Met or set up and ready to focus at your workstation (or just take a load off). Here are some tips you can use to make sure your home office is welcoming and dynamic!

Create the Perfect Atmosphere

When you’re in a commercial or industrial office space, the goal with lighting is strictly utilitarian, often with a single-level light source. In a home office, however, you want to create ambiance. You can create mood and atmosphere in the illumination you choose, as well as the ideal environment to achieve your goals. For example, pendant lights can be great to emphasize a piece of artwork or accent an architectural feature, while doing double duty above your favorite reading chair.

Rules of Thumb from the Designers

When you’re illuminating your home workplace, remember that you are creating a multi-purpose space. Your office must be functional, but also a sanctuary where you can escape the world. As such, it should reflect you and your unique tastes.

Don’t forget to include an area that is properly lit for reading, relaxing and using a computer. Aim to layer your lighting to enhance the various roles it will play in the space. Also think about the amount of natural light the room receives, so you can determine what kind of window treatments you need.

Utilize Different Kinds of Lighting

You can incorporate three main types of lighting treatments into your home headquarters. The first is ambient lighting. This can be achieved through recessed illumination or ceiling-mounted lights. Ambient lighting will serve as the main lighting source in the room.

For fill-in illumination and ambiance, you can also add sconces or up lights at select locations. Don’t overdo it with sconces, however, or the space may start to feel cluttered.

Task lighting includes desk lamps or lamps next to a reading chair. They are specifically geared toward an activity such as working at a computer, writing or reading.

Finally, accent fixtures do just what the name implies — they accent things. You can use them to highlight art or other points of interest in the room, like your bowling trophies or your original Star Wars figurine collection!

The Most Important Part

Remember that the most important part of lighting your home office is the quality of light. In addition to adding the perfect collection of fixtures, you may want to invest in a dimming system so that you can control lighting levels for different activities. No matter which fixtures you select, remember that the comfort and function of your space are the most important considerations.

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