Kitchen Design Tips to Be Ready for the Holidays

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Holiday Kitchen Design

Have you been thinking about updating your kitchen design? If so, now is the time to get started.

The holiday season is fast approaching, with all of the entertaining and visitors that time of year brings. Your kitchen is the heart of your holiday home, where traditions are passed from generation to generation.

In celebration of this season, here are some tips to make sure your kitchen is ready for all the extra holiday love it will receive.

Plan Ahead!

Take the time now to think about what you’ll be doing over the holidays. This can save you headaches and frustration, because aren’t the holidays frustrating enough?

One of the best things to do right now is a full-scale purge, to clear away the clutter. Go through cabinets and pull out the items you only use once or twice each year. Next, take a hard look at your countertops. Clear them completely and put back only those items that are used frequently. After all, you need some clear space for all the pie-baking and cookie-making you’ll be doing.

This is a great time to pick up some fun and fresh accessories to accent your kitchen and give it a quick and easy makeover.

Decorate and Upgrade!

Speaking of accessories and accent pieces, the holiday season wouldn’t be the holiday season without plenty of festive decorations.

Metallic accessories add a festive touch that you can carry past the kitchen into the dining and living spaces of your home. Gold, silver and brass add a modern feel to your décor, and these decorative elements work as well for the holidays as they do throughout the year.

Light Up Your Space

Next, take a hard look at your kitchen lighting. How long has it been since you updated your fixtures? Kitchen fixtures take a beating from the steam, oils and fumes of cooking, which can break down the finish. If your lighting looks dull and tired, this may be the reason.

Today’s kitchen fixtures aren’t designed to fade away, unnoticed, like the choices of even a few years ago. Instead, designers use lighting elements that make a bold statement, like those fixtures traditionally used in other parts of the house. Imagine a miniature crystal chandelier over the sink, or mid-century Sputnik style drops over the breakfast bar. This year, let your kitchen lighting accent the décor as well as illuminate it.

Don’t Forget the Rugs and Window Coverings

Although we think about these important design elements in other parts of the home, the kitchen is sometimes forgotten when it comes to the softer accents. Custom window coverings and the perfect rug can add a professional interior design feel to your kitchen. Tie in placemats, table runners and even toss pillows for your eat-in kitchen table or breakfast bar. Your holiday guests will be impressed and you’ll have a fresh space for your family to enjoy the entire year.

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