Use an Interior Design Store to Help Find Your Style

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Interior Design Store

Walking into an interior design store can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, you can use the items that you gravitate toward to help you define your personal style.

Interior design stores have so many options to choose from that you are bound to find something that appeals to your particular and individual style. Even better, most have professional designers on staff to help you put together the perfect look for you. Meanwhile, here’s a brief tutorial on how to determine your style.

Mid-Century Modern

Are you drawn toward items with elegant lines that are both warm and chic in their minimalism? Well, you might just be a mid-century modern enthusiast. Mid-century modern designs incorporate wood with leather, metal and other natural materials in sleek, low-profile designs. This timeless style is very versatile, and individual pieces can complement a wide variety of other design styles.

Industrial Modern

If you’re in heaven in a loft with exposed ductwork and weathered, exposed brick, then welcome to the world of industrial modern. This style is reminiscent of the turn-of-the-century industrial era that combined raw steel and brick. This style often incorporates rustic wood pieces and copper tones.

Nautical Costal Cottage

If you want your home to resemble a seaside New England cottage, then this is your style. White, blue and sand tones are mixed together liberally in this design aesthetic to help recreate a warm, relaxing and positive feel. Unfinished wood that resembles driftwood as well as sea glass, shells and rope are also incorporated into this design style.


This style is similar to the mid-century movement, but has more gentle, rounded edges and warm, colored accents. The pieces in this design are often made of various materials that are bent and molded together seamlessly. It’s a clean, versatile and visually appealing.


Oh, the Boho! This design embodies a carefree and experimental spirit. If you are drawn to vibrant colors — especially reds and purples — and layered textiles, then this may be your look. It can be a tricky style to work with, as it needs to appear purposefully messy with its arrangement, but it’s also comfortable and carefree.


Contemporary depends on balance. It can’t be too cold or too formal, and it’s also not a cluttered look. It’s a fluid design that has clean, crisp edges and a variation on the traditional style. The use of color is also not liberal, as monochromatic looks fit in with the contemporary style very well. This approach looks best with a neutral color palette.

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