Using Custom Window Coverings in the Office

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Office Window Coverings

Custom window coverings can mean the difference between an office that looks unfinished and one you can be proud to show your clients. Unlike the home environment, commercial blinds and shades must endure a variety of challenging conditions while serving multiple purposes. The criteria for selecting your custom window treatments depends on a variety of factors, but begins with your facility’s design style and architecture.

Commercial Window Treatment Factors

In a commercial setting, finishes are required to stand up to a host of challenges and demands not faced in the home environment. Constant use means they must be durable, especially since they typically must last for years. Fluorescent lights can cause lesser-quality blinds and shades to fade and deteriorate over time, and the sun’s harsh exposure can take its toll on the other side. From a practical perspective, commercial window coverings must filter light and provide insulation to keep office occupants comfortable. To make the right visual impact, they must fit properly and conform to the shape of the window. And, after all else, your office window coverings must present the right image for your business.

Blinds and Shades: Accessory or Design Element?

Commercial interior designers recommend against simply picking the most basic blinds for the office and hoping they’ll blend into the woodwork. Traditional office décor doesn’t offer much in the way of visual interest, so you have good reason for selecting blinds and shades that make a statement. In fact, why not let your window coverings be the element that ties the room together?

Whether you select custom curtains, cellular shades, wood blinds or Roman shades, don’t automatically select an understated neutral option. The beauty of custom window coverings is that you can truly choose the colors, fabrics and options that you need, rather than simply pick from what’s available or in stock. You’re going to make the investment in these design elements, so why not let them enhance your office rather than simply filter the light?

Making Your Custom Window Covering Selections

If you haven’t previously ordered custom blinds, draperies or shades, you’ll need a quick tutorial on how it all works, otherwise you might end up with the wrong specifications. Most experts strongly recommend soliciting the help of an interior designer to help you make fabric and color selections, and to make sure your measurements are correct. If your office windows are fairly standard in shape and size, the process is less tricky.

Select color and fabric based on the amount of light control you want, but also on your interior color and design scheme. Many people believe that window treatments must be the same throughout the office, but designers indicate otherwise. In fact, your conference room and lobby or front entry area, as well as the C-suite, should each have its own unique look and feel, as long as the overall theme of the office is preserved.

Guild Hall Fine Furnishings, serving Salt Lake City and the surrounding communities, is proud to offer a full line of custom window coverings for your home and office. Our professional interior design staff can assist you in making your selections and ensure that your shades, blinds and draperies are exactly what you wanted. Contact us today to learn more about adding custom window coverings to your space.