The Top 3 Home Design Trends for 2015

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Interior Design 2015

Interior designers know what’s hot in home design from coast to coast. Always at the forefront of home design, professional decorators showcase what’s to come, engaging the creativity and inner designer in all of us. They know this fall heavy metal will be popular, and you may want to transform your spaces along with your family’s needs by welcoming a little gray into your world!

Multi-Functional, Kid-Friendly Furniture

The modern family is doing more in less space today. As the trend to reduce square footage picks up steam, designers have found ways to ease the transition. Taking their cue from the Asian designers who’ve been tackling this problem for decades, American interior professionals are finding creative places for storage. More important, these multitasking pieces meet a variety of needs. Examples: modular seating that can stand alone or be used in combination as a lounge and ottoman, a standard couch or even a giant lounger for family movie or game night. Natural and organic in feel, dining tables transition to desks for doing homework while coffee and end tables nest to create additional floor space.

Mix Your Metals

Metal is hot right now, especially for accessories. Designers prefer the warmer hues like copper, pewter and bronze, especially when combined with warm wood tones. From the kitchen to the master bath, metal vases, picture frames, art, wallcoverings and textiles are lighting up walls, tabletops and lighting fixtures. Metallic throw pillows are a great way to add a touch of glam. Metal accent tables, barstools and area rugs have all shown up in designer showcase homes.

Fifty Shades of Gray

Designers overwhelmingly agree that gray is the go-to color, possibly for the entire decade. A little bit warm, a little bit cool and a whole lot of neutral, gray can go anywhere and be anything you can imagine. Able to be as sophisticated as it is understated, gray gets along smashingly with all the other colors. So what’s your preference? Choose from glittery silver metallic, dusky heather, vibrant slate or slick gunmetal gray. Mix gray with warm tones to create a cozy space for the family room. Pair it with cool blues or greens to open up a tight space. Or, for the most impactful pairing of the season, use one or more gray tones with shades of taupe, wheat or tan. Add black accessories and the look is pure uptown design.

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