Foyers: Form and Function

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Foyer Decor

It’s time to brush up on how to decorate a foyer or entryway, as these timeless elements of grace and charm are making a comeback. For years, the formal entry fell out of favor, judged by many to be overly fussy and a waste of space. Architects and designers came to realize, however, that this little buffer between home and the outside world is important. The entryway may present a decorating conundrum, however, as this space is particularly challenging to stage. Below are a few ideas on the foyer and how you can make yours perfect.

Why a Foyer is Important

Originally the foyer was designed as an airlock of sorts, to separate indoor warmth from the cold outside air. Eventually people began to find them useful for other reasons as well. They’re a good spot for wet umbrellas and muddy boots. They’re also perfect for receiving deliveries or other visitors of a non-personal nature. Most important, the entryway is a welcome message, both to visitors and to you and your family.

The Functional Entryway

Your foyer offers a gracious welcome to your home, but it can (and should) be functional as well as decorative. Thanks to its small scale (most are only 15 or 20 square feet) and traffic flow, you are left with little space to work. If your home lacks a coat closet, the addition of a stand or rack is important. A table or shelf on which to put keys, mail, bags or a purse is also standard. You may also want a place for muddy shoes or other bad-weather items.

How to Decorate Your Entryway for Style and Function

Despite the need for utility, the foyer is the first impression your home makes. Consequently, designers recommend making thoughtful choices for its décor. To add function, include a bench with built-in storage or an armoire. Instead of a throw rug or mat, add a thick, patterned runner, drawing the eye and interest inward. If seating isn’t required, consider a console table with storage. Accessorize with an appropriately scaled lamp, mirror and either a green plant or vase of fresh flowers. You’ll be delighted at the pleasure these beautiful items give you when you return home at the end of a long day.

In Salt Lake City, the design professionals at Guild Hall Fine Furniture understand this challenge. They can help you select the perfect furniture and accessories to combine form and function in a way that complements your existing decor. When you’re stuck on how to decorate a foyer or entryway in your home, let them help you set a warm welcome.